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Science Outreach Assistant
About the placement/internship

Why did you decide to do a placement/internship?

I became interested in science outreach and public engagement during my undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences and even further during my Science Communication masters course. I was interested in going into STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) and wanted to get first-hand experience before I left university

How did you find your placement/internship?

Department email

Main responsibilities

My role was to act as a general assistant to the bird reproduction academic I was working for.

Typical day

Tasks ranged from digitising feedback forms and editing artwork of participants of past outreach events for web publication to designing and constructing egg display boxes and papier mache eggs for future outreach. Work was flexible and my academic trusted me to come in at times and on days that suited me and to get the work done.

What did I enjoy about my placement/internship?

I really enjoyed how much creative freedom I had on my placement. My academic gave me tasks but looked to me to take the initiative in how to approach them. The highlight of the placement was being able to design worksheets for a bird beak diet specialisation activity, an idea that I came up with for the internship interview. Bird beak shapes and sizes are specific to each bird species' diet; the worksheet guides participants through making their own paper beaks and then trying to pick up different food types to determine what kind of diet their beak would be most suited for.

As a result of your placement/internship, what are your next steps in planning what you want to do after graduation?

I've decided I want to start a career in rewilding with a focus on public engagement

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Form completed: 21 Jul 2022

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