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Law Firm Work Experience Student
About the placement/internship

Why did you decide to do a placement/internship?

I decided to do a placement to give me an insight into life in a law firm and to help me decide if it is an environment I would like to work in. I also thought it would be a good opportunity to see the law in a real life context and see what areas of law I find more interesting.

How did you find your placement/internship?

Through family or friends

Main responsibilities

I completed tasks along side trainees, including filling out precedents and looking over case files.

Typical day

I spent each day in a different department working with a variety of teams and people. On a typical day I would look at case files, and fill in precedents and other forms, working along side trainees. I also spoke to trainees and partners about their careers, and would finish each day with an informal chat about my future and any advice they had.

What did I enjoy about my placement/internship?

I really enjoyed meeting people in the position I hope to be in in the future and immersing myself in their work.

Did you use any skills learned from your course?

I used many skills from my course, including attention to detail and commercial awareness. As well as general subject knowledge.

Has your time on placement influenced your future career choice?

My time on placement has affirmed my decision to become a solicitor and join a medium sized firm.

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Form completed: 21 Sep 2018

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