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On CampUS Placements - Iconography in Human Population Genetic Studies
About the placement/internship

Why did you decide to do a placement/internship?

Being a final year student, all my positions of responsibility ended around the beginning of May so I realised I will have a few months of extra free time to fill in and so I began my search on Career Connect for a part-time job. I was pleasantly surprised to find the On Campus placements and especially the one I chose to apply for, Iconography in Human Population Genetic Studies, because it was a job I could do using just my computer, in my own free time and anywhere in the world. More importantly, it suited my future career aspirations very well, i.e. pursuing a PhD at the end of my studies, because the ultimate goal of the project is a scientific publication which is highly regarded when applying for doctoral studies.

How did you find your placement/internship?

Career Connect

Main responsibilities

Data acquisition: Collect data from around 1000 different human population genetics articles and classify it.Statistical analysis: Analyse the data to statistically prove the main hypothesis.Manage the team: Delegating tasks and setting deadlines for the people helping with data collection. Review the data: Went over the entire data to make sure everything was relevant to the project, and that there were no problemsPresent: So far in the form of a poster, but will work towards a scientific publication.

Typical day

A typical day would begin by reviewing all the work the other colleges have done the day before, making sure everything was in line with what was expected. Next, I would work for a few more hours to collect the data I was responsible for. Normally, I would keep in touch with my team and talk to them every day to support them with their work, whilst also feeding everything back to my supervisor, who has always advised me what to do when I was stuck.

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Form completed: 05 Jul 2018

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