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English Teacher
About the placement/internship

Why did you decide to do a placement/internship?

I decided to do a placement as I wanted to emerge myself in the Spanish language more before returning to university to complete my final year of my modern languages degree. I wanted work experience and also the opportunity to gain something to put on my C.V. to make myself more employable when I finish university.

How did you find your placement/internship?

Through family or friends

Application process

It was an extremely simple application process as I knew the owners of the summer school through a family friend. I emailed them, they accepted and then the most complicated bit was acquiring the Spanish NIE number which you must have in order to work in Spain.

Main responsibilities

My main responsibility throughout my time there was to teach and monitor my own group of children. Day to day this meant that I would teach an English lesson which I planned before hand, then we would play games to put the English we had learnt to practise and then at the end of the day we would all go in the swimming pool and do recreational activities.

Typical day

A typical day involved me arriving at 9am and spending half an hour greeting the children and talking to their parents in Spanish. The first part of the day was then spent teaching English which as I said before I previously planned. Then we played games to consolidate the English they children has just learned, followed by a snack and then recreational activities.

What did I enjoy about my placement/internship?

What I enjoyed most about the placement was that I learnt a lot of Spanish vocabulary that I would not have learned otherwise. For example I had spent the second semester of my year abroad studying in Seville, so I learned a lot of vocabulary but mainly to do with what I was studying or through conversation with my friends, however with the kids I learned more general, day to day vocabulary which is just as essential.

Challenging aspects

The most challenging aspect of this placement was that it was a very small organisation with just two other teachers other than myself (who owned it), this meant that I didn't really have the chance to make friends whilst I was there.

Did you use any skills learned from your course?

I definitely got to use my knowledge of Spanish as although we try to teach the summer school in English, my group of children were between the ages of three to five so obviously did not speak English hardly at all. Therefore a lot of the time I did get to speak Spanish which was very beneficial.

Has your time on placement influenced your future career choice?

It was really good experience and I found it extremely worthwhile however I think it has made me realise that I don't particularly want to be a teacher.

Advice to students

My piece of advice to students

I would strongly advise other students to participate in a summer placement. It adds so much to your C.V. and allows you to gain an insight into what you may or may not want to do when you finish university.

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Form completed: 10 Sep 2017

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